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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Evidence of my Startitis

In reading Stephanie's new book, I discovered I have a really bad case of startitis. I jones to start one project and then my eyes happen upon a new project in Interweave, Knitty, something on someone's blog and away I go. I have quite a number of fornlorn projects just waiting to be finished.

Currently, I am on deadline to finish a felted purse for my friend Jill for Xmas and socks for hubby for his birthday out of Trekking XXL (#100). I have Charlene Schurch's new book "Sensational Knitted Socks". Great book! Helps with planning a pattern to use when you need to knit interesting socks for males and kids.

And now for the started and never finished pile:
1.E's Hooded Sweater (actually just need to add the hood and sew up)shhh don't tell it's Lion's Brand Homespun
2. Feather and fan scarf from Scarf Style in Jo Sharp Kid Mohair
3. Simply Marilyn from Interweave in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino
4. Hour-glass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts in Noro Cash Iroha
5. Alison's pattern for Nothing but a T-shirt in Cascade Fixation
6. Sivia Harding's Diamond shawl pattern in Fleece Artist
7. The other sock of my very first knitted pair

I also have my Dad's birthday socks in Lorna's Laces that I never finished but he also wasn't thrilled with them. So I am thinking of frogging and using the yarn for a knitted bow tie that is if I can find a pattern. Any hints?


I had another wonderful experience in the Secret Pal exchange. Totally spoiled by Jody from Austin, Texas! My first package was Stephanie's new "Yarn Harlot" book. If you are a knitter and don't have it, definitely a must.

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I totally relate to the "Startitis" disease as I am currently waiting for my Phildar from the Netherlands to arrive so I can make this cardigan.

Anyway back to package two jammed pack with everything I desired! Two fruit-based teas from Adagio Teas...Fruit Medley and Berry Blues, which I have been jonesing to try! They were both yummy blends! the combination of chocolate and orange. Tri-scented candle with dish to place it girl as now I won't have hot wax on the furniture. Two skeins of Fleece Artist yarn to make Sivia Harding's Diamond Shawl! (Ironically enough I had one for the person I was spoiling for SP6!)

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So when does SP7 start?

Starting New Year's Resolutions Early has certainly been a long time since I last posted. One of my many new year's resolutions is to be more consistent with my the minimum twice a week. Since last we met I actually finished quite a number of projects...

1. Socks for mom in discontinued Berroco Pleasure (can you believe I totally forgot to take a picture?)

2. Another child's reverse rib scarf in Kureyon (scarf for hubby for his birthday in case socks don't quite make it to completion by 12/12) and First felted bag using Kureyon with the Booga Bag pattern.

3. FINALLY!!!! Harry Potter Gryffindor Scarf for E for Halloween. He actually won a costume contest and his prize was 2 ticktes to the movies and a gift card for the concession stand. Naturally we took advantage and used the above to see Goblet of Fire when it opened on 11/18. Haven't downloaded Halloween pics yet on different memory stick.

4. Minimalist shrug...actually wore it for the first time during our Thanksgiving cruise on Carnival Victory paired with my Bucs shirt. No pic yet complete.

5. Drop-stitch scarf with Cascade 220 for my friend Liz. Modelled by E here.

6. And the biggest accomplishment was completing the Flower Basket Shawl! Yeah...followed Becky's instructions and in retrospect it was a breeze once I got into the rhythm. I also mapped out when I needed to move the stitch markers for the repeats so I are ready to go when I decide to make another one.

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Thinking it might have to be Brooks Farm Primero in Warm Black or back to my original wish to make it in Art Fiber's Chai. It definitely would not have come out as well were it not for Stephanie's blocking instructions. Don't have that picture as we ran out of battery juice for the digital camera when I had the shawl sprawled out on the guest bed. Definitely have more blocking pins than I know what to do with!