Knit Happened

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Signed up for SP6!!!

I have so thoroughly enjoyed the whole secret pal 5 experience that I just signed up for secret pal 6. Hopefully I will be paired with as giving a person as "Erin" who I can't wait to truly know her real name!

Also got on the Alison's Weasley bandwagon...might as well since I am still working on the Gryffindor scarf...mostly right now at long red lights in the car too and from work!

Off to cheer on King Kaysar who hopefully won't be kicked out of the Big Brother House tonight!

Back from my BB6 fix and I am oh so sad that America's Choice is gone! Bye Kaysar!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

We have photos!!!

I still don't know why the Hello! posting isn't working in Picasa but I was able to upload directly from my computer no please see yesterday's post. New and improved with photos!!!!

Off to get some more done on my NBaT!!!!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Stuff Galore!!!!

First off I have to start with my Secret Pal 5 package that just came in the mail from my SP5 pal "Erin". She included another gift for E...very exciting and a new author for him to discover!!!! "The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents" by Terry Pratchett. Also in my package (with my book theme) was a sheep bookmark, a very cool heart-shaped plaid pad of paper, blank notecards and can you see tha happy dance..."Loop-d-Loop" by Teva Durham. Fantastic job once again Erin. Have I said that I absolutely love my SP5 Pal!!!!

Before opening SP5 Package

After opening my SP5 Package

Knitting Update
I finished my Sock Pal's socks!!!! Done on Saturday way before I need to mail them out...a month and change ahead of schedule. Got a great tip from the Sock 101 Knitty Gritty about gusset (avoiding the holes)...the row after you pick up the stitches, knit a row through the back of the stitch like you do in the clap pattern. I am actually contemplating knitting sock one again because sock 2 came out so much better than one. I have the time and more than enough yarn.

Crusoe socks done for my sock pal!!!! One month ahead of time!!!

The ribbon shrug...on hold for awhile because I couldn't wait to cast on and start knitting FINALLY!!!!Nothing But A T-shirt...using Cascade Fixation.

Minimalist Ribbon Shrug Begun

And finally my NBaT in Fixation

I also did start the clap again and took the advice of my SP5 (have I said lately that I love my SP5?) to alternate MYC old and new skeins. It is coming out even better than clap one that I frogged. Things happen for a reason...I am almost back to where I had to frog.

Clap Redux

Monday, August 08, 2005

Sock It to Me!

So excited that I finished one sock and I'm on my second sock for my sock pal...just finished turning the heel...wanted to get the latest pic up in preparation for Alison's Tuesday KAL update.

One Sock for My Pal Done & Well One the Way for #2! Posted by Picasa

Also did gauge for the Minimalist Ribbon Shrug using Tartlette in a smashing red...I still punch holes in this ribbon but it does knit up really another time.

Also cast on and got the cuff with about 2/3 of leg done for my dad's other sock now that I have more Lorna's Lace in Pioneer

You'll also notice that the clapotis is down to zero. Even after Danielle kindly sent me more of my silk yarn the old and new didn't meet (thanks Danielle for lots of the new shade!). I decided to be a big girl and I frogged my clap. My hubby watched and knew how upset I was but I would rather have it correct and I will just have to use the old and original skein for another project...maybe finally my FBS!!!!

Monday, August 01, 2005

Recovered from Syndrome

Eureka! I do not have the lone sock syndrome any more! Saturday morning I finished the pair of Alison's ankle socks for my friend Adria's birthday in Cascade Fixation # 9045. The little leftover ball I included in the package I sent her...just in case there are any issues. But this is my very first full-fledged, completed pair of socks. What a sense of accomplishment!

Cascade Fixation Ankle Socks Posted by Picasa

Sockapalza2 update
Well after gauging with size 2 double-pointeds and then moving up to size 3...I went with the size 3 for the Crusoe sock. Cast on Saturday evening and off I went thru the cuff, leg, heel, heel turn, gusset and now about half-way done with the foot. This is very fast to knit up. I hope that my sock pal digs these as much as I do. My goal is to be added to the completed list for Alison's Tuesday KAL on August 9. Then I can finish Dad's other sock as my extra skein of Lorna's Laces in Pioneer should be here any day now from the Knitting Zone.

Crusoe sock #1 for my sock pal Posted by Picasa

Close-up of the stitches Posted by Picasa

Mystical to the Rescue
After sending Danielle back the skein of yarn along with a sample of what I have, she is kindly dying yarn to match my sample. So after dad's sock completion, the next task is to complete my Clap. Just slowly but surely working my way down the completed project list. Every little dent helps. Sad to admit but true that I knit E's Gryffindor scarf at the very long red lights so that maybe I will be done by Halloween. This sucker is LONG!!!!! We actually watched Prisoner of Azkaban last night for the !!!!! time. Never can get enough of Harry, but this was also the first time after finishing the Half-Blood Prince. Hmmmmmm!

Closer to #60
Still plugging away to tie or hopefully beat Stephanie in our friendly wager to read 60 books for the year. Presently, I am on #35, which is "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency"...and I can't believe it took me all this time to discover this wonderful book. And btw, we don't get any extra brownie points for reading the really long ones like Half-Blood!