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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Salon

Title: Night Fall
Author: Nelson DeMille
Rating: Disappointing
Genre: Thriller
Number of pages: 488
Finished: 1-18-08
Challenges: Chunkster, A to Z Titles (N), 101 Books in 1,001 Days
I really enjoy reading thrillers...the adrenaline rush as you turn pages to see what happens next and vicariously live through the characters. Not so much with Night Fall. Don't get me wrong the premise was good...a couple who are both married to other people decide to videotape having sex on the beach (that definitely sounds crass) and manage to film the crash of TWA Flight 800. The tape would prove to the world that the crash was precipitated by a missile rather than mechanical failure as the government has claimed. Enter our hero John Corey who five years later becomes embroiled in finding out the truth. I have to say that I felt extremely gypped by the ending...major cop out by the author. If you are in the mood for a thriller, pick up The General's Daughter by Nelson DeMille instead.

So yesterday to get the bitter taste out of my mouth, I started to read The Memory Keeper's Daughter...yes, a little late to the party just like I did with The Kite Runner. And as part of Sunday Salon, I've read about 140 pages so far today with about another 80 to go. And truthfully, as soon as I'm done I will REALLY start reading Great Expectations.

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  • At 7:01 PM, Blogger Jill said…

    Hmm, did I tell you that I was less than enthralled with the Memory Keeper? Loved the parts with Phoebe in them, but the book dragged for me in the middle. The beginning and ending were GREAT though...I will be curious to read your review.

    I am reading Cross Creek by Marjorie Rawlings. Totally captivating memoir that reads like a collection of essays. I may have to pigrimage up to her house near Ocala one day.

    =) Jill


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