Knit Happened

Monday, April 18, 2005

Lovin' the multi...thanks to Sarah!

Multidirectional scarf with Noro Silk Garden Posted by Hello

Been slacking in the posting but then again it leaves more time to knit and purl. I am going to try my hand at posting some of the photos of the works that I had in progress...two of which are now complete! Yeah! Making headway so I can justify building the stash again!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

With book club tomorrow...

Although I read fast, I didn't leave myself as much time as I should have to finish a 340-page book for my reading group tomorrow nite. Great book... "The Speed of Dark" by Elizabeth Moon, a story told by an autistic man. Excellent so far and hovering around page 175. So needless to say, not a lot of time to knit today. And we also went to a group picnic with softball game on the other side of the bay.

Just a quick break from reading and also won the ebay auction for the Interweave Fall 2004 so I can finally rest easy that I will have the Flower Basket Shawl pattern!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Stash Wish List

So little yarn and so little time. Here is a play-by-play of my stash wish list:

One Chai from Artfibers is not enough

Who does love cashmere?

For when I graduate to socks

Alpaca for Eme's Shawl (soon to be shared on jonesin' list)

Another sock dream choice (but with so many choices)

Thinking a great choice for clapotis

How can you resists all of these handpainted choices?!!!!

Noro Silk Garden just dances with possibilities

Anything Rowan but especially Kidsilk Haze

Launch of Knit Happened

Easier than I expected. Got out of my procrastinator box and just started. I was envious of all of the read-worthy blogs, like Yarn Harlot that I happened across. Especially after I rediscovered knitting and got hooked once again. Found patterns that I am lusting after such as Flower Basket Shawl, which is proving a Mission Impossible as Interweave Fall 2004 is gone. Gone from all of my LYS and LYS up in Mass and on Long Island. Started again w/ simple scarfs w/ yes, I am confessing to using acrylic yarn like Fancy Fur and Fun Far; graduated to a poncho w/ boucle (Lion Brand again) w/ fun fur trim; two crocheted flower pins; hooded sweater for my 9 yo going on 36 w/ LB's Homespun; and now I can justify moving on to rare kid mohair courtesy of Jo Sharp.