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Monday, September 25, 2006

Leif has arrived!

Well lo and behold at my front doorstep on Saturday was my Yarn Aboard II surprise from none other than Alison of blueblog fame. So very excited to have Alison as my pal and soon you will find out why! I had Leif as my explorer who toted all the way from Brookline, Mass this box filled with goodies:

I had a lovely colorway of Socks that Rock and Hedwig yarn (apparently Alisons knows my son very well) from Dani's Sunshine Yarns. And very yummy chocolate (notice that one of the chocolates is missing from the box before I could take a picture and it wasn't eaten by this chocoholic!) E. even had a bag filled with chocolate coins just for him!!!!

Thanks Alison for your generousity and thoughtfulness...the WHOLE FAMILY thanks you! And of course to Amanda (and Mr. Clothesknit too) for her time and effort for putting the second Yarn Aboard together.

Short post as I only had oh so much online time this evening...we finally just got the connection back after having been hooked up with digital phone service today. More tomorrow...all about Sock Wars and finished Adamas pics, as well as progess on my red hot Seraphim!

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Well I must say that I had the most generous Hurricane Sock Pal ever! I had Tonni from Alabama as my pal. I have to say that I was totally blown away by her generosity! Thank you seems so trivial but thanks more than she will ever know.
Here's the play by play on the package arrival:

I had a horrible day at work on Thursday and my hubby told me that I had
a shipping ticket to go into our post office delivery annex tomorrow
morning. package was close at hand! I could hardly sleep in
anticipation. I was there a little before they opened at 7am...and there
were 2 people ahead of me and the worker was soooo slow. Then he gave me
my box and so impressed with the sheep clever! I took
pics of the ticket, the box before I even got it home.

Then I opened it and it was like my birthday! I took individual
pictures of everything I opened. (Check out the Flickr badge to the right to get the full effect of all of my goodies.) I was giggling like a school kid...every time I opened something it got better and better.

From the handmade sock bags (I have to confess I saw them on Tonni's blog and was praying that she was my pal! I downloaded the Leetle bag directions and I have a friend that has a sewing machine so I will try to make some in the future. Soooo

Loved my sock and the color...the sock fits perfectly!!!!! We always
take a cruise during Thanksgiving and I decided before the end of the
KAL that I would take my sock kit with me on the ship and knit sock #2
on our balcony (it is the last week of hurricane season after all).
Looking forward to finally trying to knit with 2 circular needles.

So then I opened the other back and woo hooo Socks that Rock! Love the
colorway. Then the spritely good fingering yarn...did a happy dance as
this is the perfect colorway for Miriam Felton's new Hidcote Shawl
pattern that I just purchased and downloaded Thursday...very garden
colors. And now I found a new yarn source---Spritely Goods!

I fell in love with each and every cool that they are
handmade and by TONNI! And how creative! Go encourage her to open an etsy store! They smell divine!

The needles from Knitpicks (dying to try them) and I almost cried tears
of joy when I saw the Lantern Moon circular. I actually cast on for
another Miriam Felton shawl, Seraphim with my newly wound handpaintedyarn in vermillion.

The hot cocoa we all can't wait to try and the dog already got his
treat and the cat did last tonite as soon as E. got home from school.
She adores him and I'm sure that he will have a hard time concentrating
for the day.

Love the lip glosses and stitch markers...they will certainly spruce up
my pattern repeats (I usually use the tiny, tiny hair elastics).

And last but not least the Cat book. Bless you!

Tonni, you are the best ever!

Thanks! I think that you have put me in a permanent good mood despite
all the work stress.

Dragon Be Done

I did finish the Here There Be Dragon Sock on Labor Day! And here's the final snapshot:

And was able to get my Hurricane Sock Pal package out on Tuesday with various other sundry goodies! Some of the other included items were the pattern with changes to short-row heel technique, #2 Inox double-pointed needles, yarn pendant, some Cascade Fixation in a blue-jeans type colorway, Wurther's, 2 Partyligth candles and holders and a bag to keep all. Hope she likes all and that the sock fits!