Knit Happened

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Jaywalker and Knitting Olympics

Well when the Knitting Olympics started on Friday I wasn't quite done with my Jaywalkers so I figured I would take the first day to finish, which I did. What an absolutely fun, fun knit! I really enjoyed working with the Lorna's Laces in Miata...very bright and colorful! I will definitely make another pair in some other fiber...not sure what or when. Lots of other stuff on the board to tackle first. So here are the Jaywalkers and finished in time for the Jaywalker KAL drawing!

Now to the Knitting is what I started with: yarn (Dale Baby Ull), pattern (Finnish pattern from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks) and needles (#3 Lantern Moons)yesterday afternoon.

And here is what I have this afternoon!

It never dawned upon me that the pattern and my second stranded/Fair Isle project would fly on the needles so fast! So what to do...I'm going to finish the second sock and then complete one of my Back Burner projects that have long been gathering dust...probably the Phildar cardigan as I want to wear it when my girlfriends and I go to the Marty Casey & the Lovehammers/INXS concert on 2/25!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

One Miata that Jaywalked

One down, one to go!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Poor neglected Lady E

Lady E was cast on on 12/23...I took the day off from work and spent the entire afternoon (at peace with the world) at my LYS). Discovered very quickly that entrelace was not something to fear. However, this project would take lots of time and put a dent in the pocketbook with regard to the cost per skein of Noro Silk Garden, so I knew that Lady E wasn't necessarily going to be a back burner project because of procrastination but $ and time.

So here she is...on my 4th tier repeat having started my third skein of Noro SG...started with #203, then #224. Changed my mind about alternating every other skein to using two in a row.

I also joined the Lady E KAL hosted by Jillian to hopefully progress me a long a little bit faster.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Yarn Aboard and Sockpal Identity Revealed!

Go check out the creative idea housed at clothesknit with Amanda and the globetrotting box that will bring much needed and desired sock yarn to many across the world.

And boy...all day I kept accessing my personal e-mail account at work to see if I woud learn the identity of my sockpal. Yippee! It is here and I am sooooo very excited. Nothing better than an excuse to go to the LYS for such a good cause!