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Thursday, January 05, 2006

And it's a Harry Potter Birthday!

And next in the chain of events...

And then the modeling of the socks made with Dani's fabulous Sunshine Yarns!

And away Harry goes on his broom with his accompanying Gryffindor scarf!

E's birthday was great and he thoroughly enjoyed his gifted socks...and finally a post with the scarf that took blood, sweat and tears to complete. Have to thank Stephanie for the inspiring idea to wrap the socks with a special and personalized label!


  • At 10:28 AM, Blogger Luanne said…

    Found your blog from The Blue Blog. The scarf and socks are adorable!

  • At 11:00 AM, Blogger amanda said…

    Scarf and socks are great! He looks like one happy boy.

  • At 11:46 AM, Blogger bluecanary said…

    So cute! Great job! That scarf can definitely be a trial, but it looks like it was worth the effort!

  • At 1:33 PM, Blogger Erin said…

    Beautiful work! He looks thrilled! I totally understand how much of a pain the scarf can be.... luckily (or not so luckily?) I was sick for a week when I started mine, so I was forced to knit it!

  • At 3:39 PM, Blogger bluecanary said…

    Whoo hoo! Just scored my own skein of Gryffindor Stripe from Dani! can't wait!


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