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Monday, January 02, 2006


Ravings in a good way...some off knitting discussion. Starting off with the fact that I love NPR...I always discover some incredible new music when I listen to All Things Considered. So I want to rave about two new discoveries...the Heartless Bastards (very gritty and classic rock style) and Imogen Heap (if you like Sarah McLachlan you will thoroughly enjoy Imogen). And of course, I have girlie girl stuff to share. I had used the Obagi skincare line (lots of blingin' leavin' with keeping up with this regimen) to help with my splotchy pigmented areas (of course it all blossomed when I was pregnant many moons ago) I was looking for an alternate and discovered DHC. It is a skincare line out of Japan and it is superb...good prices and they send you free samples with every order (you can even pick them).


  • At 10:00 AM, Blogger amanda said…

    thanks for sharing! my skin has been pretty splotchy since pregnancy as well and i've been looking around at different products but no one has had anything to say in the way of recommendation. off to go look at beauty products...


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