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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Addicted to Walking Away

Confession to make...I'm addicted to the Reflections pattern from the Walking Away leaflet by Fiber Trends. I cast on during 24 on Monday nite and have only exclusively been working on my sock pal's first sock (despite the fact that I have a deadline to complete the feather and fan poncho). Excuse the photo taken with the ole digital as hubby needed the good dig for a work event tonite and I promised my sock sister, Ina, a photo update. The pattern is hypnotic akin to just overtakes you. I didn't make any progress last nite as before knitting and Idoling I baked a batch of cookies for the Relay for Life Bake Sale and caught my finger on the metal holder for my Pampered Chef stone (one of my fav kitchen items). Thumb under cold water, iced and buttered. Took aleve and went to bed at 9am. I'm so diggin' these babies that I'm thinking I might click on over to Sunshine Yarns and get some yarn for a back-up pair of sock pal socks (just in case I can't part with these). Plus Dani is have a free shipping sale today! Yippee! Any excuse to purchase yarn! You know it, you do it too!


  • At 9:04 AM, Blogger amanda said…

    I've been longing to knit one of those walking away socks...any one and have been distracted by other projects. The good news though...I think I could manage one for Project Spectrum.

  • At 7:06 PM, Blogger Ina said…

    Thanks for the photo - the sock looks good enough to eat!


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