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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Socking Around

Lots of sock progress made over the last week. First up...I'm unveiling my Springtime in Paris sock, which is the Six Sock pattern for Feb/March. It is my first toe up that I started with an interesting cast on technique using an I-cord and also first time with Magic Loop. Yarn is STR Star Sapphire in medium weight on Addi size 0 (47"). I had to frog twice because they were too large so I first went down from a size #1 and being that they were still too large...60 stitches instead of 72. I also changed in up by doing a short row heel instead of a gusset.

Next up...Bloomin' Feet II, I finished 7" worth of the pattern for the leg of the Rockin Star with Black Bunny and also changed the heel on this pattern as well. I have always wanted to do Eye of the Partridge and so I did. Couple more rows and I will turn the heel!

And last but not least, the first sock kit from Socks that Rock for the Rockin' Sock Club 2007... The Inside Out pattern in the Monsoon colorway (medium weight). Another toe-up pattern that I cast on with the only other size 0 needles that I had...double-pointeds in rosewood...3 are now currently snapped in half. I'm hoping that my shipment from KnitPicks with some of their small size double pointeds, as well as sets of 2 circulars will show up on my doorstep tomorrow. The fun part about working of these is that I did so in the company of two local knitters that I met online thru the club's blog...Leslie at Ablossomknits and Christine at Threedogknits. It is definitely a new knitting experience to knit with people who get it and are excited to learn about new blogs, new stores, and new techniques as yours truly. We will definitely be getting together again soon and hopefully with some others in the Tampa Bay area who could not make it out Saturday afternoon. Thanks ladies for such an enjoyable afternoon!

And lastly a parting shot of my family of socks in progress.



  • At 6:33 PM, Blogger a blossom knits said…

    Again, you are so talented (and your lace shawls are just amazing) and I hope to be able to learn from yours and Christine's experiences. It was so nice to meet the both of you!! I do hope we get together soon. :)

    I wound my Monsoon yarn and . . . John likes it . . so, it's his. He doesn't care for the inside-out pattern from STR, so I think I'll just do a simple rib or something for him.

    Please ask Scout if she's going to make that pattern available to the general public. I would so like to do that in the STR Lemongrass!!

  • At 6:48 PM, Blogger christine (threedogknits) said…

    I had a great time on Saturday! I hope we can get together and knit again soon. Your socks look lovely!

    I ended up going home and having a marathon STR session (real exciting Saturday night, I know). Before I knew it I was starting the heel.


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