Knit Happened

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Procrastination is OVER!

Got off my rump and downloaded the pics of the digital so lots to see...although I have no idea what happened to the pics of my Simply Marilyn. Guess it is back to the digitizing drawing board. I am also about the make my first drop stitch in my clapotis so more picks over the weekend including coverage of the 1-year anniversary party at my LYS...Knit N Knibble!

Elijah in new sweater made by his Aunt Phyllis Posted by Hello

First couple of rows of clapotis with Mystical Creations Yarn Posted by Hello

First sock with Regia sock yarn and using "Socks Socks Socks" pattern Posted by Hello

Niece's Kureyon rainbow scarf & gifted mittens Posted by Hello

Sister's gifted parrot flip flops Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Projects Galore

I've been a busy little bee knitting and secret pal gathering...not a lot of blog writing. I did finish my first sock...easy peasy lemon squeezy as a good Brit friend of mine always says. I used Regia yarn and found that it knit well...not boring to see how the self-striping unraveled so to speak (found a really cool pattern using Regia online thanks to Amanda...scroll down for the directions in English).

Still have my Misty Garden on needles and finished the back of Simply Marilyn in a flash and well on my way to completing the front...finished the first decrease set and ended last night with the first increase row. I did adapt to fit a smaller frame...hey Petite Sophisticate is my home away from home. I just cast on 4 less on either side so hopefully that will work and the numbers won't get too mind bloggling when I get up to the neck.

Also have my wonderful new yarn from Mystical Creations to use for my stab at Clapotis but need to head on over to either a beauty supply store for tiny hair rubber bands or Home Depot for washers. Plus I need to wind the huge hank that showed up in my priority envelope.

I have completed projects...the Child's Rainbow Scarf (Last-Minute Knitted Gifts) using a couple of alternative Noro Kureyon choices with gift mittens to match and a dropped stitch scarf using Knit One, Crochet Too's Tartelette.

Then of course, is my journey into secret pal land with participating in my first secret pal. So much fun...thanks "Erin" for the great updates! I am looking forward to accosting my mailperson...actually I can only due that if the package arrives on Saturday, not home during the week to hunt him down and tail him.

I am also psyched about the Sockapalooza...can't wait to get my assignment and have yet another excuse to shop for yarn! And now I'm on a mission to get some of Alison's comfort zone needles...those could be so soothing for when my arthritis flares up like the past couple of days with Arlene causing yet another disaster preparation stir in Florida.